A Gentler Ultimatum – But No Resolution


After another marathon session, the NBA and the NBPA held separate press conferences again declaring that there was still no resolution.  A striking end-of-the-day development was the announcement that David Stern was presenting a revised offer to the players.  This time, the players were to have until Tuesday before the dreaded 47 BRI share proposal would be effective.

David Stern’s following comments appeared to sum up the mood:   “We have made our revised proposal, and we’re not planning to make another one.  There’s nothing left to negotiate about.”

Derek Fisher’s comments appeared once again to take a process-oriented approach.  He indicated that they would go back the players’ representatives to discuss the matter.  As Marc Stein points insightfully points out, the NBPA wants to go back to the players again before going up for a vote because the players’ representatives complained at their last meeting that they were not given enough information by the NBPA.

In any case, the revised offer from the NBA appears to contemplate a 72-game season with a December 15 start date.

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