A Tough Saturday Night – Players given until Wednesday to accept

The NY Times is reporting that yesterday’s talks have still yielded no agreement.  Instead, what is now on the table is what Derek Fisher is referring to as an “ultimatum.”   Fisher also clearly stated that this “ultimatum” was “not acceptable.”  The talks lasted until 1:30 AM on Sunday after another marathon 8+ hour session mediated by federal mediator George Cohen.  The deal is on the table until Wednesday.  After that, the rhetoric from the owners’ side appears to take the position that a much tougher, much less lenient deal will be given.  But what exactly did the owners offer yesterday such that they want the players to mull over until Wednesday?

As the sleep-deprived Chris Sheridan describes, the deal on the table amounts to the following:

-          In terms of the BRI, a band that would give the players between 49 and 51 percent of revenues, depending on the annual growth of the revenues.

Union outside counsel Jeffrey Kessler, was particularly vehement about this proposal, commenting that proposal was really 50.2 percent for the players and called the chance of them ever reaching 51 percent a “fraud” and an “illusion.”

Clearly, with every passing day, the owners probably believe that they are getting the players to understand how much money they are losing, but as Derek Fisher made a forceful statement that the “players will not be intimidated.”

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