Days Lockout

Players Lost:


based on 16 missed regular season games.*

The Lockout is Officially Over

The players and owners have ratified (ESPN) the latest collective bargaining agreement.  More details, and perhaps, a copy of the new CBA to be posted here soon!

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MN Case Stayed until December 9

As requested by the players, the federal judge in Minnesota has stayed the proceedings until December 9th, 2011.  The NBA must answer or respond by that date.

The full order can be found here:

Download (PDF, 23.68KB)

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Lockout to be Partially Lifted on Thursday

The NY Times is reporting that the NBA will allow its players into practice facilities starting on Tuesday, though they will not allowed any supervised basketball activities.  The move appears to be the first step in the lifting of the entire lockout, which cannot happen until both sides ratify the CBA (CBS).  The ratification process is slated to take place next week.

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